Be careful with “cheap” debt review programs

It’s a good rule of thumb to remember that the lowest Instalment equals costly consequences. While cost-cutting can be great, it should not be the top priority when searching for Debt Counsellors. Consumers often suffer from serious consequences if they choose the cheapest debt review. However, all Debt Counsellors give priority to the client. Explained: The instalment […]

What is the difference between debt counseling and debt consolidation loans?

Many misconceptions surround debt counseling and debt consolidation loans. Many people believe this to be the same thing. The truth is that they are quite different. Both can leave you in worse situations than before. There are many options available to you when financial relief is required. It is therefore important to research the options and learn the differences. […]

Be Careful And Watch Out For These Financial Scams

The cost of living is on the rise. People are desperate, which makes them more vulnerable to scams and criminals. SABRIC, South African Banking Risk Information Centre, advises consumers to be skeptical of investments that seem too good to be true. This is to avoid being misled by investment promises that promise high returns and quick […]

What Debt Counselling Costs

Consumers were reminded recently by the National Credit Regulator that no debt counseling is offered for free. Consumers need to be aware of this fact and the associated costs. The following fees have been set by the NCR for debt counseling: Application fee: R50.00 (50 rands), payable before the assessment begins. Payment must be made upfront and in […]